Mack Madness on a new journey with Penn State THON!

We held our last Mack Madness event in May of 2019 but we want to keep Mack’s spirit alive so we are creating a Penn State Thon “Mack Madness Org” to help support their mission to fight and find a cure for pediatric cancer.


We appreciate all the generosity and support you provided us over the years and hope you will continue to support us and Penn State Thon moving forward.


Ed and Lisa

Wow… Through your generosity, Mack Madness donated over $340,000 to charity over the past 10 years!

A picture's worth a thousand words. View the Mack Madness 2017 photos!

We want to personally thank our committee members, sponsors, those who made donations, volunteers and all who attended the event over the years. TOGETHER, WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER!

Mack will continue to make a difference from heaven! Please visit our website to stay up to date on future Mack Madness news! Please feel free to forward to all your family and friends. Lisa, Eddie, Bria, "Mack" and I are truly thankful for your support and continued prayers!

A Mack Madness Story



Lisa and I wanted to share an e-mail we received from Dr. Bob, Mack’s PICU doctor in Hershey. Mack continues to GIVE in so many ways! Here is Dr. Bob’s e-mail...

We have recently started an initiative here at the hospital focused on the prevention and treatment of RSV in pediatric cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) patients. As you know, this has always been a high priority at the hospital. It is our hope that this initiative will further enhance our ability to prevent and treat this virus among these children. As we did for Mack, we want to continue to provide the most state of the art therapy for these vulnerable children.

Needless to say, "Mack" has been the source of much of my motivation in this endeavor. In short, we have developed a set of guidelines that delineate the most up-to-date therapies aimed at the prevention and treatment of RSV infections in pediatric oncology and HSCT patients. We have formed a group that has met monthly since the Spring with representatives from multiple disciplines of medicine (e.g. oncology, critical care, pulmonology, infectious disease, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, and nursing) to research and develop these guidelines. We have purchased state of the art equipment to ensure the safe delivery of certain medications. We have developed a data collection form such that we can collect data and monitor our outcomes. It is our lofty goal to eliminate deaths related to the RSV virus for these children. We hope to share our ideas with other children's hospitals to make this a widespread mission. I will be presenting many of our ideas at a North American Oncology / Critical Care meeting this coming March. I will certainly keep you abreast of our progress.

Best wishes and please let me know how I can help.

Visit our Donations page to read the thank you letters from the various charities we support. And catch up on more amazing ladybug stories that continue to happen.  God and Mack continue to give us strength. 

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  • “We had such a WONDERFUL, MAGICAL time at Mack Madness last year! From the horse rides, games, crafts, yummy Ritas snacks ... to the beautiful "balloons to heaven" ceremony! We felt Mackie with us all day, and even Mollie - our 4-year-old - was aware that little McKenzie was looking down with a smile!

    Thank you for including us in such a special, perfect celebration of your daughter's sweet life. We look forward to laughing, and crying, with you next year as we gather again to remember and witness the lives Mackie touched with her smile and pure love!”
    The Scheoppner Family